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World without you

NEW!-First time online is "World without you". Song title is "World without you" by "Belinda Carlisle".
Via my "YT"-channel-"Talent Ocean".

I`m ready

JoJo Rock-Reach for the Stars

Original description is following:
I wanted to make a song which helps people go for their dreams. Sometimes the dream seems bigger than what you think you are capable of. I think you should set your goals as high as possible and even if you don't make it all the way you can be surprised of what you are capable of.


Lyrics - JoJo Rock and JoJo's dad
Mixing and Mastering – Francis Le Vesta
Vocals - Villainshero
Producer - Eurostarz

Music Video

Director - Titus Maclaren
Director of Photography - Titus Maclaren, Brenton Smith
Camera Operators - Brenton Smith, Titus Maclaren
Editor – Titus Maclaren

Via his "YT"-channel-"JoJo Rock".

My room

The Spirit of the Hawk

NEW!-First time online is "The Spirit of the Hawk". Music by "Salasaca Natives" from Ecuador with "Tatanka". All photos on this video are property by my dear friend Shan. Taken from his Facebook Account with his permission. Via my "YT"-channel-"Talentplanet".

Advent Calendar 2014-Door 20

Advent Calendar 2014-Door 20



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