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NEW!-First time online is "Incredible". Song title is "Frankly, Scarlett, I don`t give a Dawn" by "Sparks".
Via my "YT"-channel-"Talentplanet".

Enjoy the Silence

In thoughts

With cap

Rob Finlay-Sister to a Brother

Here is Rob Finlay with his first song on Talent Ocean. "Sister to a Brother", via his "YT"-channel-"Rob Finlay".

Daniel Shaw-Hey Little Brother

Original description is following:
By supporting me you help me keep writing and producing music.

This is one of Daniel's first songs sung by him when he was 11 years old. We have had the song mastered and is available on Daniel's upcoming album.

This song is written by Daniel Shaw and mum (Lina Shaw) and is dedicated to Daniel's little brother Rafael.

It is all about Brotherly Love

The sound is recorded and produced by Kane Audio and Bounce Studios, Melbourne Australia

This video is created by Lina Shaw and contains some images of Daniel and his brother Rafael.

The rest of the images where found in Google Images.

We do not own the images . The images are the property of the rightful owners.

No copyright infringement intended.

Hey Little Brother
Copyright 2011

Via his "YT"-channel-"DanielShawMusicMan".

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